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Fix it with duct tape – a note on technical dept

Last week I recorded an episode of Architecture Corner on the subject of technical dept. Take a look at: As you’ll see, technical dept is creeping slowly into your realms. You won’t notice anything to begin with; it’s a bit

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Are your buying habits for sale?

The RadioShack bankruptcy have led to a situation where customer information, that were promised never to leave the company, are now up for sale. Last week, I recorded a video about this and other privacy related issues; e.g. how is the wearables

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Open source licenses means free and nothing to consider? Think again

There’s a worrying trend amongst corporations taking up open source solutions as part of their enterprise portfolio. Open source penetration is of course great, but I’ve seen some examples where companies simply didn’t do their home work when it comes

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#WASI – Wearables + Augmented Self + Implants

WASI – Wearables + Augmented Self + Implants. Next step for wearables might seem like Science Fiction, but recent progress is making the step from SciFi to reality very short. Too short, perhaps?

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API Economy – a lever to free your core systems

Core systems are often seen as an effective blocker to innovation and introduction of new technology. With a shifted mind-set you can break the tedious define business requirement, formalise, prioritise, design, reprioritise, implement, test, deploy-chain that can take months or

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Why it’s a good idea to deploy 10 times per day

Legacy landscapes and systems are pestered by many things, one being the very long release cycles. Looking at some of the Internet age success companies, deployments don’t happen a few times per year, but rather many times per day. This

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Remaining successful in the Industry 4.0 age

Last week I was speaking at Capgemini’s annual Architecture Week, this time for manufacturing clients. My reasoning was around how you should think when planning for disruption – in essence, how do you as an Enterprise Architect plan for the

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So, when do you start your modernisation?

There are a couple of things that almost always are true when I get in touch with an organisation with modernisation needs: It concerns the very core of both the IT landscape and the business operation The system(s) have been there

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Do you have a systems decomissioning departement?

Most companies have a systems development department; it could be called IT department, business development, digital innovation or whatever. But do you have a systems decommissioning department? Very few organisations do, and that’s one of the main reasons old systems stay around,

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Retirement home next?

This is a serious and upsetting title, I know – but I see many organisations that need to do some serious planning for their future. Not all have yet understood it, but I’ve come across major Swedish organisations, companies and authorities,

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