Are your buying habits for sale?

Auction Tsukiji fishmarket

Auction Tsukiji fishmarket

The RadioShack bankruptcy have led to a situation where customer information, that were promised never to leave the company, are now up for sale. Last week, I recorded a video about this and other privacy related issues; e.g. how is the wearables revolution going on drive privacy issues? Will you even be able to control the usage and will you – at all – be able to control the collection of information? The convenience of using a wrist band will overshadow the privacy concerns; at least until the public is made aware of the consequences.


The basic consequence

You become the product. And that’s fine as long as you take an active decision to become the product. Do you?


Passive collection without consent

Today, Burger King in Sweden were exposed to collect their customer’s car registration numbers. and, to make things worse, with no option to opt out. When can we expect information about who visited which restaurant at what exact time to be available to the highest bidder? Of course, the outfit will tell us this information is for internal, market planning purposes only, or that there is no way of tracking it back to customers, but by now, there have been too many examples of information leakage, based on breakage or based on monetizing decision to believe that to be true.


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  1. A follow up on this article is on my blog. When there is no privacy anymore, there aren’t any secrets either. How will we cope with this? E.g. passwords will be useless.

  2. Aprilia says:

    How to control it?

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