Why it’s a good idea to deploy 10 times per day

Legacy landscapes and systems are pestered by many things, one being the very long release cycles. Looking at some of the Internet age success companies, deployments don’t happen a few times per year, but rather many times per day. This of course builds on a set of pre-requirements but also opens the door to actually benefiting from e.g. cloud deployment (whether private or public).

Himeji-lo castel. Maintained with a cyclic rebuild, over and over again.

Himeji-lo castel. Example of Continuous Improvement in the real world.

Last week I did a lecture at NFi Utbildning where I discussed the mechanisms behind legacy systems problems and how a DevOps approach could be on piece of the puzzle in avoiding building future legacy problems.
The presentation is here (and as always with my presentations, they’re quite a lot more understandable when heard live…)

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