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Joackm Lindbom 4

I’m Joakim Lindbom and I’m an Enterprise Architect at Capgemini, working mainly with legacy modernisation, technology advisory, Enterprise Architecture and Software Quality. Then I do some work related to the Internet of Things/Everything, Platform 3.0, Smart-everything (incl. Smart Metering), Crowd-everything. I’m a professional speaker covering most topics above. I also teach at the corporate university, last few years mainly around application landscape rationalisation (or WARP) and since 1999 around Enterprise Architecture methodology.

Being an Enterprise Architect, I’m very afraid of getting my mind stuck amongst the clouds. To keep tech savvy, I spend some time with open source projects, mainly related to home automation (aka Smart Homes) and low cost/high grade HiFi.

This blog is related to my work, but are my own opinions and  may or may not be in line with my employer’s  view on things.

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Under construction

This site is under construction. The main themes will be around innovating a legacy system landscape. Likelly, some Enterprise Architecture, software quality and other IT related topics will surface.


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